Drawing Your Life: Learn to See, Record, and Appreciate Life's Small Joys

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Observe. Record. Reflect. Create a visual record of your days. Informed by the author's personal philosophy of "Sustainable Creativity," this guided journal encourages creative people-from doodlers and sketchers to fine artists and graphic designers-to develop their artistic impulses and discover their own inspirations through observing and recording-in pictures and words-the ordinary objects in their lives. The book comprises prompts and ideas for things to draw, books to read, items and ideas to collect, and adventures and encounters to pursue. Illustrated with the author's own colorful artwork and observations, Drawing Your Life provides plenty of space for readers to include their own drawings and ruminations so that it becomes not only a record of the reader's journey but also a means for each reader to gain true insight into their own lives and motivations.


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  • Drawing Your Life: Learn to See, Record and Appreciate Life's Small Joys